Watch the clip to learn how to use Genie Unlock

Unlock any iPhone in 3 minutes

1. Insert UGSim Classic Black or Gold with Carrier sim
2. In activation screen, press *home* then select *emergency call* option
3. Dial *5005*7672*88# for UGsim Classic Plus (Black) and enter ICCID From our ICCID Miner.
​5. Remove sim tray and insert again.
6. Again activation screen will pop up and after will go to homescreen.
once at homescreen unlock is done!

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  • Unlocks any Carrier

    only in 3 minutes 

  • Updated Iccid 24/7

    ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) - A SIM card contains its unique serial number (ICCID). ICCIDs are stored in the SIM cards and are also printed on the SIM card during a personalisation process. The ICCID is defined by the ITU-T recommendation E.118 as the Primary Account Number. A full ICCID is 19 or 20 characters.

  • Works any where around the world

    Wherever ,Whenever you want to unlock our iPhone or ipad Genie Unlock Sim will help you.

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